Day 1

Every summer, when training for my collegiate lacrosse team, the very first day that I begin my program was always Day 1.  After the wear and tear of the previous season and a few weeks off in May to decompress, somewhere around Memorial Day the preparation for the following year began.  Day 1 included a reflection on the previous year, refocusing on nutrition and conditioning planning, and goals for the summer.  I would weigh myself (and remind myself frequently that this was simply a baseline), measure my body fat, and take those painful, yet inspiring “before” photos.  As the summer wore on, I was grateful to have those benchmarks to refer to, and see my progress throughout.  So, as I embark on my journey in fitness, inspiration, and clean eating, I am going to note some important benchmarks.  Maybe I’m longing for the glory days of lacrosse, but on this first day of my blog, I am calling it Day 1.

Before pictures: Scene of my past summer workouts

Weight: 1 post

Body fat: A love for nuts (specifically almond butter from Trader Joe’s), avocado, and olive oil


  • To share my accumulated knowledge on sports training and conditioning
  • To document what I have learned over the last year, in regards to mental clarity and nutrition
  • To eat cleanly
  • To achieve perfect health
  • To learn about the next steps in my career
  • To have abundance and prosperity
  • To accept others as they are without judgment
  • To play the piano
  • To live sustainably (run my own farm, grow all my own food)
  • To run
  • To travel to Hawaii and live on a farm
  • To live somewhere beautiful
  • To walk out of my home, and onto the sand of a stunning beach
For example, I wouldn’t mind living here:

For all my future readers, I hope that I can offer something of substance.  I have discovered a love for utter health in my life, in all infinite meanings of the word.  I look forward to documenting my journey towards a Clean diet, a Calm lifestyle, and well Conditioned training.




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