Bailey’s Buttons

There are many things I love about springtime, but one in particular is that once April finally rolls around, it you have an unfortunate weather day, it is ok, because tomorrow, it will likely be sunny again.  I cannot say this about winter or even fall, but I appreciate it about the spring.  Spring also reminds me of a quote on a bag I have from Andy Warhol: “My favorite smell is the first smell of spring in New York.”  I think of that smell of snow melting, and fresh dew in the morning…OK time to get to it so I can go out and enjoy this beautiful day.

Another thing about spring that I love is that it is known as a time of rebirthing.  This includes flowers blooming, spring cleaning, and for me, new friendships.  Over this past year, I have met some truly inspiring people but recently one in particular has had an incredible impact on me.  Meet Bailey:

At our Senior Athlete banquet on Tuesday, our athletic director awarded Bailey with the “Terrier Pride” Award in honor of her miraculous recovery from Stage IV melanoma.  As you may or may not know, once a patient is diagnosed with Stage IV cancer, she is not supposed to live much longer.  With more courage than most can ever muster, Bailey sought alternative means to heal herself from her illness.  She attributes faith and nutrition to the majority of her recovery.  Bailey now walks among us, with flawless skin and a winning smile, cancer-free.  At the banquet, our AD read this letter that she wrote about her journey, and I highly suggest you do the same.

Today’s Workout

After taking yesterday off, I am ready to break a sweat today!  My body has been telling me that it is time to change it up, so I am going to do a mixture of my usual lift with some intervals on the treadmill.

  • 20 min: walk to the gym
  • 10 min: warm-up yoga & treadmill slowly increasing HR
  • 30 min: intervals on treadmill between HR 125-145
  • 30 min: strength training
  • 10 min: abs
  • 10 min: yoga cool down
Following my workout is a substantial lunch, practice, and some time at dinner with some friends from around the area!  Senior year rocks (no class!).
Have a fantastic day.



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