Five-year Reflection

Tomorrow marks a milestone in the lives of six members of the BU women’s lacrosse team.  It’s senior day, and through these past few days or so I’ve been thinking about all of the things that made playing BU lacrosse absolutely wonderful.  Watching Miracle before games, perfect game-day hair, games on bus trips, late nights at hotels, team dinners, workouts that made us better, having a teammate there to pick you up, being part of something greater than yourself, and on and on.  I am so grateful that I decided to come back and help out with the team this year after my injury, and they have been incredibly receptive to me.  So, in reflection, here’s to BU Lax Seniors 2012.

We also celebrated with our families, and had a fantastic meal in Harvard Square! My beautiful mother and I:

My handsome father:

Thank you so very much to all my teammates, past and present.  I am lucky to have this experience!!


I was up and at em this morning for my workout, waiting at the entrance as they opened the gym!  Today’s workout was intervals on the treadmill and the elliptical, and some elevated planks.  I want to start doing some boxing classes because I think it would be a fantastic way to work the core.  Add that to my list of goals!

Part of today’s breakfast included:

Omelet with tons of vegetables

Ezekiel bread with almond butter and a banana

And my favorite coffee alternative, dandy blend! Just a touch of cinnamon.

Off to get some much needed rest.  Big day ahead, tons to celebrate!


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