Blogging for Dummies

Months ago, when I first considered writing a blog about my experience, I reached out to a professor who has been blogging in academia for quite some time now.  In response, he generated some key tips for blogging, and I have shared them with you below:

  • Have fun with it. If it’s not fun it becomes a chore and you’ll stop writing. (I wrote this point last and then realized it’s the most important thing I have to say.)
  • Should you buy a domain name and create your own site or use free a platform like Google Blogger or WordPress? I did the former. It involves more work and expense (not a lot–BlueHost, my blog’s host, is now $5.95/month) but gives you greater control. I (usually) enjoy learning the technical aspects of creating and running my sites, but not always. Blogging-specific hosts make life easier. WordPress is the premier blogging software, which you can use without having WordPress host your blog.
  • Set realistic goals for how often you’ll post. Beginner’s enthusiasm can generate a flurry of initial posts but at some point it will fade, you’ll not post for three days in a row, and you may feel pressure to post something–anything–which can interfere with posting something good.
  • Understand why you are writing the blog. I created the blog because I like to write short pieces about ideas and issues that capture my attention, because writing about legal topics helps me refine my thinking, because I want to reveal how I think about these topics to students, and because there’s a never-ending conversation going on in my brain.
  • Define your blog’s focus. Will you post only about things related to nutrition, health, your new perspective on wellness, or will you also post about personal things–a book you enjoyed, a place visited, whatever? How much will you reveal about dealing with your struggles over the past year? You can do whatever you want, of course, but it may take time to decide on a focus and settle into a voice. I post mostly about law-related topics with some personal stuff thrown in to give the blog more personality and make it more fun to write.

Do it because you want to.  That is clearly the most important.  I can tell you that I am having a blast coming up with new things to post about!


I spent the last couple of days updating the my story section of the site, and it led me to reflect on my last year and a half of recovery.  Though my injury seemed like the worst thing in the world at the time, I can honestly say that I have never been more grateful for anything in my life.  It led me to appreciate the little things like time with family, walking, reading, and sitting in peace.

Here’s to health!

One of the things I am grateful for is my unconditional love for veggies.  During the summer when I could not work out as hard as I would have liked to, I asked one of my healers, Erica, how I could lose the extra weight I put on.  She told me to eat when I’m hungry, and stop when I am just-before satisfied (what a novel idea!), and to pack in as many vegetables as possible.  So now, I eat at least one and most of the time two obnoxiously large salads a day, jammed with all sorts of vegetables.

Some typical veggie meals…


Not to mention, every morning I start the day with a large omelet with tons of cooked veggies, in addition to my Ezekiel bread + almond butter + toast + touch of cinnamon.

I go to bed excited for breakfast.  #iloveveggies


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