The Skinny on Sugar

I am home now, and writing this post with the song of the birds in the background.  You miss those small things in the city.


I recently had a little revelation about my own recovery, and I have been like a preacher, shouting out the good news.  Through my journey last summer, I met one particular healer who guided me away from sugar in most forms, apart from honey (used sparingly) and fruit.  I do not use artificial sugars either, but that I figure that goes without saying with the whole “clean” thing.  Anyway, it was official June 13th when I gave up the white, sweet stuff.  A few weeks after that, on July 1st, I started reading again.

However, it was not until a few weeks ago that I made the connection between the sugar and the cognitive activity.  When we traveled to UMBC this year, I was a roommate to one particularly adorable freshman girl named Lindy, and she asked me about my lifestyle and whatnot.  When I told her why I gave up sugar last summer, she said told me that every time she has gotten a concussion, which I believe was three or four times, she always knew to give up sugar because it made her headaches and other symptoms worse.

Well, I just absolutely loved this.  Everything in perfect order! How funny it was to me that once I gave up sugar, after months and months of pain from simply looking at a page of a book, I was free.

So, this sparked an interest in me: how to find out more about the effects of sugar.  I recently watched a story on 60 Minutes that featured Sanjay Gupta from Emory University School of Medicine, who equates sugar to a toxin, and believes it should be treated as such. Additionally, Dr. Lustig, an endocrinologist from California, speaks along similar lines in this video.  He makes an important point at the beginning about the increase of obesity in six-month-olds.  We are often quick to assign the prevalence of obesity to poor diet and low activity levels, but how can we really say that about a child who cannot even walk yet?  Other studies have shown effects of sugar on brain function, and the like.


I am not an expert.  I have learned a lot and done much research, but I have not studied the effects of sugar professionally.  However, I can tell you what I have observed from my experience.  Sugar seems to mess with our systems, and if you are looking to recover from an illness, heal an injury, or simply achieve an improved state of health, I highly recommend you take your sugar consumption into account.


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