Non-Scale Victories

Butterflies in Boston? True story…

In my training in the summers, I was always sure to monitor my body fat and body weight to make sure that I was making progress.  Sometimes, I find that we can become all too consumed with the number on the scale, and we allow that to determine our success or failure in a workout plan.  In some of my most rigorous summers, in the heat of the program, I was often discouraged that I had actually gained some weight, and I constantly had to remind myself that the scale did not ultimately measure my development, and my body was adding muscle and changing in ways that silly plastic thing on the floor could not capture.

I read somewhere recently, and I forget where so I apologize, that in your diet or new lifestyle or whatever it may be you should keep track of your non-scale victories (NSV).  Some examples of these would be fitting in to those size six skinny jeans, improving your mile time, completing a long run, or simply getting up and getting moving when all you want to do is lie down.  I do believe that we should love ourselves at any size because we are perfect in all forms, but there is nothing wrong with wanting to be healthy and fit.

One of my own goals for almost two years now was to wear this beautiful silver dress that I had gotten from a little boutique in Marblehead almost three years ago now.  I was saving it for a banquet that year, and with my injury I was not able to wear it.  Subsequently, I gained some extra weight in my sedentary recovery, and I made it my goal to wear that dress when I felt fit and strong and healthy again.  Well, my friends, that little silver dress was supposed to be drawn out of the closet and dusted off this Friday for a special wedding reception in town.  I have been waiting for this for so long, and I finally have achieved my goal.  So, that is my NSV this week.

However, somehow in the process of getting ready, I got a stain on it! I was so disappointed, but I decided to go with a classic little black number I have had for years.  Oh well, guess it just was not meant to be yet.

My mother and I…

With my dear friend Alison…

Moving forward, start keeping track of your non-scale victories.  I keep a little note in my iPhone, but I also like to put stickies up with little reminders and celebrations.  Honor yourself for a job well done and for all the hard work you do.  The more you celebrate what you have, the more of it you will receive.  Move beyond the scale because ultimately it just reflects back some digits, and sweetheart, you are so much more than that.

Congratulations Ed and Ayli!


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