Gratefuel Part I

Another theme of CleanCalmConditioned is gratitude.  They say that gratitude can heal, and I firmly believe that appreciating what I have now manifests more of the good things.  So, I set out on a quest to determine what I would call these segments, and my brilliant, right-brained friend Maryalice led me to the title of “Gratefuel.”  Yes, a witty spin on grateful that includes the notion that gratitude for the present can reap benefits for the future—well done, MA. The following provides you with some of my own gratefuel.


What a wonderful idea it is, to be born into a group of people who love you unconditionally.  Through my year off from school in recovery, I was effectively forced to sit down for some time and enjoy the scenery.  I mean that in the sense of my injury but also there were six-foot mounds of snow outside that kept us in each other’s company—remember January 2011?  Regardless, we were able to enjoy some great time together.

I appreciate many things about my family, but most important to me are the little things.  I like that we have an incredible sense of humor, and we are able to laugh lovingly at ourselves.  I am grateful for our amazing home and supportive energy.  Not to mention, living in a college atmosphere for so long, I am coming to truly appreciate how clean my mother keeps our house.

Some important family members…



Family includes not just immediate members, but those that become our family throughout our years.  I look forward to all of my new relatives to come.

Sara Bareilles – “Many the Miles”

When I started coming around last spring, I was able to start listening to things.  I would play my music and sit outside or rest with my back to the television and listen to a show or movie.  One song that gave me comfort was called “Many the Miles” by Sara Bareilles, a favorite of mine.  The lyrics rang true to the state I was in.

There’s too many things I haven’t done yet.

Too many sunsets I haven’t seen.

Can’t waste the day wishing it’d slow down.

You would’ve thought by now, I’d of learned something.

Spaghetti squash

As someone who watches her carbohydrate intake, I have always been slightly adverse to pasta.  That does not mean I do not love it, but I prefer to eat something of more substance and nutrition.  Enter spaghetti squash.  This lovely little (or not-so-little) vegetable, when boiled or steamed, creates a fruit with the consistency of spaghetti. I usually boil the enter squash for about 45 minutes.  Then, I cut it in half, sort out the seeds with a fork, add Trader Joe’s bruschetta or no-sugar added, natural tomato sauce, and enjoy!  Provides a great alternative to pasta and is immensely satisfying.


Right now I am studying for the ACE personal training exam for my job this summer, and there was a segment on water that reinforced all of the things I love about the substance.  I rarely do not have a water bottle on hand.  My parents and I were out at our senior dinner, and I told them that I needed to get back to the car for something.  Assuming I was going back for something of value, my dad gave me the keys.  When I walked back with a large Poland Springs in my hands they chuckled, knowingly.  Those liter-sized waters are more than two dollars! No way I was wasting that precious liquid.

When I talk to practitioners, a common theme that relates to almost every injury or illness, and therefore the speed of recovery, is hydration.  Water is so important for moving out toxins, regulating body temperature, circulation, nutrient absorption, and overall energy production, among many other uses.  Drink up!  Sometimes I feel an immediate energy boost just by rehydrating.


When I am in the city, I love seeing flowers.  Hard to come by, but that makes them even sweeter.  I cherish them for many reasons, but mostly because it is difficult to stay in a bad mood with a flower nearby.  Here are some that I have come across recently.


Great fuel to get me through the day. 🙂


2 responses to “Gratefuel Part I

  1. Gratefuel for Water – nice coincidence: one of my New Year’s resolutions was “to drink more water.” Don’t laugh, I’m passing, but not yet getting an A in hydration.

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