Little Things Make Gratefuel

I was just surfing around on the internet the other day, and I came across this site called Just Little Things.  The phrases from this site have been all over pinterest, and they are so simple, yet brilliant.  The author lists many common, everyday things that excite that little bit of joy in us, and can make a mellow evening a happy one.  This site inspired me as a source of gratefuel, and I have reproduced some of the many reminders posted of those sweet, simple things in life.

1. Fresh-cut fruit

2. Friendly cashiers

3. A clean public bathroom

4. Making someone who looks sad smile

5. Opening a brand new book

6. A compliment from a stranger

7. Finally being able to understand something

8. Being the only one to know a secret

9. Finding out that a person feels the same way as you do

10. When strangers thank you after you held the door for them

11. Long road trips at night

12. Having a blank to-do list

13. Looking at old photos

14. Coming up with a url that’s not taken…!

15. A hot shower on a cold day

16. Positive feedback on an essay you worked hard on

17. People who love you despite your flaws

18. People who smile despite their circumstances

19. When someone remembers the things you say

20. The originality of each person’s handwriting

21. Thick, soft bath towels

22. The first minutes after you crawl into bed

23. The first swim of the summer

24. Looking through school work from when you were young

25. The smell after it rains

One of my personal favorite little things is the first smell of spring when the snow is melting.  This is my absolute favorite time of year—on the cusp of summer.  So many great things to come.  I loved all these reminders because we need to appreciate the little moments of joy!  You cannot read through this list without saying, oh yea, that is really great…



2 responses to “Little Things Make Gratefuel

  1. “A compliment from a stranger” is my favorite. Also “when people remember the things you say” (although some people can’t remember three words.!) And friendly cashiers are a wonder.

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