Hallmark Inspires inSPIRIT

Regret.  Something that we are all too familiar with, and if you are not, you absolutely know of someone who longs to change something from the past.  How many times have you heard someone say, “you know, I’m really not that good at making decisions?”  We fear that by making a choice, we will be making the wrong one, and lose some grand opportunity—the chance of a lifetime.  Or maybe lose some large amount of money.  Or miss the chance to meet our soulmate.  Whatever the case, we torment ourselves by making choices, and regretting them.

What if there was a way out? What if, no matter what choice you made, you made the right one? Ultimately, this is what I am trying to transcribe here now.  I believe that you can never make a bad choice because you will end up where you were supposed to be anyway, even if it does not look that way just yet.

I graduated with a business degree from the BU School of Management.  For a long time, I thought I was going to be on Wall Street, in my pinstripe suit and black pumps, poised to take over the world.  Through this past year, I fought with the notion that I should immediately get out of college and have a job set up.  I wanted independence.  However, deep inside me, somewhere, I knew that I would not be following my passion if I did that. So I stopped looking.  Even when other seniors told me about this career fair and that interview and so on, and that pang in my stomach set in, I remained steadfast.  I decided that something else was more important.  I set up a gig for the summer to get me to my trip on my own this fall, and I am pursuing my passion this summer—fitness, nutrition, and overall wellness.

It has not even been a week yet, and I already have people coming to me who want me to train them.  I am meeting new influential people that can help me on the next steps.  I am building a network of old friends and new friends that will continue to inspire me along the way.

So, no matter which path I had chosen, I know that I would have ended up along this way, anyhow.  It was nice for me to cut out the hard part right away, and focus on the things that make me happy.  You know how you will know you’re headed in the right direction? It feels good.

Give yourself a break.  Relax.  You can never make a bad choice. You will wind up exactly where you are supposed to be.


Yesterday, I was looking through some of my graduation cards in order to write some thank you notes, and I drew some real inspiration from them.  Way to go Hallmark!  So, this installment of inSPIRIT includes some of those…

Source: cnn.com via Mandy on Pinterest


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