More of the Little Things

As of today, I am officially an ACE-certified personal trainer…which means less time studying and more time to be in the sun, enjoy my friends, perhaps work, and blog.  I am totally opening myself up this summer to pursuing my passion, and having a good time while doing it.  Before dinner this evening I went for a long walk—something I had been looking forward to the entire time I was taking the exam in that tiny cubicle—and my mind immediately started racing around ideas of okay, now it’s time to promote to clients, start unpacking my college boxes, and think about lining up a job for once I get home from Hawaii. Then, I caught my mind, lassoed it in, and put it away for the rest of my stroll.  I reminded myself that all of those things are going to work their way out if I do not resist them by worrying about them.  So, I am immersing myself in my blog and my new lifestyle, and I’m going to let those big things do what they have to do.

And by “new lifestyle,” I mean starting my very own garden this weekend!  I simply cannot bear the thought of spending more money on tomatoes, so I figure it’s about time I start contributing to the food bill by getting my hands in the earth.

After I came to this realization when I was walking, the sun started peaking out.  It was supposed to rain all day, but once my exam was over, I walked outside and the precipitation had ceased.  A perfect afternoon.  I looped around and started to get in a gratefuel mood, so I decided to make this evening’s post about a little more of that good stuff.

First my own gratefuel:

1. Logging onto Facebook and seeing that little red number that indicates a new friend request or someone reaching out to you.

Sometimes I give myself a hard time for being on Facebook…it can be such a time drain, I find myself frequently peaking at it time and time again, and I feel elevated if my post gets a certain amount of “likes.”  But I cannot deny the benefits of keeping in touch with people I would never have reconnected with otherwise.  For instance, I met up in New York City over my birthday weekend this past January with a friend I have not seen since we were about seven years old.  We connected on Facebook, and now we talk on the phone frequently…sometimes for an hour or more!  Cayla writes a lovely blog about restaurants in NYC, another thing I’m grateful for.

2. That feeling of passing an exam you studied really hard for.

3. Getting a card from someone you were not expecting.

4. Summer evenings where a sweatshirt is just enough.

5. A really great hug when you see someone you have not been with in a long time.

The following little things come from my favorite resource, Just Little Things.

6. Star-gazing.

7. Being liked by the family of your significant other.

8. Kept promises.

9. Driving in the car on a nice day with the windows down.

10. A smile from a stranger.

11. Taking the first scoop out of a jar of peanut butter.

12. Inside jokes.

13. The cold side of the pillow.

14. Not having any work to do over the weekend.

15. Candid photos.

16. Breakfast for dinner.

17. Popping bubble wrap.

18. Dimples.

19. Silence that isn’t awkward.

20. Cuddling.

21. Building forts as a kid.

22. A stream of good songs on the radio.

23. When you finally remember what you came into the room for.

24. The smell of a new book.

25. Getting a tan instead of a burn.

26. Finding something you lost a long time ago.

27. The freedom of being home alone.

28. Getting new school supplies.

29. Deep conversations with your best friends.

30. Songs that make you want to dance.

Now that I am in a great mood, I am finally going to pick up The Hunger Games (inspired by gratefuel number 24), which has been teasing me since spring break.  Get yourself outside and enjoy the sunshine tomorrow!  Or at least do something you love.


3 responses to “More of the Little Things

  1. congrats on your big accomplishment! And I am so jealous that you are starting a garden! That’s something I would love to do and maybe one day I will have some outdoor space or a nice-sized balcony where I can pot some plants to start some beautiful, fresh growing. I am excited about my new apartment that I am moving in to… it will allow me some space to grow some of my favorite herbs inside, so I can grow them year-round. My favorites are basil, rosemary, and sage. My dream is to grow a lemon tree though… Big dream to have in a city like New York!
    Thanks for all the kind words in your post! I am so happy and blessed that we have reconnected after all these years! We have so many fun times ahead of us and lots of memories to make I’m sure!

    • My favorite is dill. Maybe we will have to coordinate? Luckily you’ll be able to tell me all about them after you go to school! Or maybe when I get back from Hawaii?

      Meet ya in Charleston.

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