Feel Good Frenzy

The next person I meet who does not like a compliment will be the first.  For some they are harder to except, but ultimately, if someone tells me they like my shoes I’m pretty much soaring for the rest of the day.  However, for some reason, I love to give others compliments.  Something about brightening someone else’s day makes me feel elated.  I’ve thought about some other ways that you can do feel-good things to make yourself feel amazing and bring others along with you.

1. If the person in front of you cannot find change to buy his or her purchase in the store, hand over the quarter or dime.  It’s only 15 minutes of parking you’re losing, but there is so much to gain.

2. Following up with that, if you see someone’s meter is running out, toss in a quarter or two.

3. Go in the kitchen and clean the entire sink of dishes, no matter whose they are.

4. Comment on someone’s blog.  I cannot tell you how good this makes me feel!

5. Send a handwritten note to an old friend.  Everyone loves snail mail.

6. Smile at a stranger.

7. Offer to pay the toll for the person behind you.

8. Tell someone how good they look.

9. Give a friend something of your own that they like.

10. Go to a game of a friend who plays a sport.  I used to love when friends from home would come to my lacrosse games.

The best thing we can do is make ourselves feel better by making others better.  What would happen if we all thought this way?  The possibilities are endless.


I met my good friend Robin yesterday at a funky little place called Nourish in Lexington, MA.  We are the waiter’s nightmare.  We change everything and ask for the ingredients in our dishes, but I am grateful to have a friend who is more assertive with her wishes than I am.  She makes me better!

At Nourish, there is a focus on the source and the ingredients of the food.  They promote whole foods at a reasonable price.  It can be challenging to find good, wholesome food at a fair price, and Nourish produced for us.

They made my meal just the way I like it…ImageImage

All-natural chicken, broccoli, zucchini, mushrooms, summer squash, butternut squash, and carrots. Yum! We also shared a side of collard greens which were also spectacular.

We sat outside in the beautiful downtown of Lexington.  Great afternoon with a good friend.


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