My Present Musing

The last few weeks have been filled with studying, some fun, sun, and time to mull over my path.  Where do I go from here? For the first time in my recallable life, I do not really have a plan.  Yes, I am going to Hawaii in the fall and yes, I have a job for the summer that I love, but where does that put me from that point forward?  The answer is a resounding “I do not know,” but I must say in some ways it is freeing.  How many times have I said that when referring to my life’s journey?  Few, if that.

But, ultimately, isn’t it true that we never really know?  Anything could happen tomorrow or next week.  Sure, we have a schedule, and our weekends are already filling up for the summer, but who is to say that will actually occur? What would you do if you got the job offer of your dreams in your next call?  Or you found your soulmate?  Or you picked up a five-dollar bill on the pavement?  The only thing that is constant is change, and I always argue energy is as well.

These thoughts are simply all the more reason to remain in the present.  We project ourselves into the future and worry about this event or that call or this meeting, where really, the present moment is the only thing we will ever have.  It’s the only thing that ever exists!  Be here, now, and enjoy every fricken moment.

In a local café near my school called Blue State, I used to sit and study sometimes if I needed a change of scenery.  One day I was there, and a cute little brunette was sitting with her computer open.  On the back of her screen was a note that said, “Happiness is available in every moment.” I thought this was so profound, and very true.  I always say, “It’s all in how you look at it,” and I believe that in every moment, no matter the circumstances, you can decide how you want to feel about it.

One way that my mentor Eckhart Tolle describes how to perform this somewhat daunting task is to become the observer of your thoughts and feelings, without judgment.  Detach yourself from the emotion or the mental stream and just watch the mind wander.  With time, you become aware that you are not your thoughts or your emotions, but the observer.

I understand that this is not an easy task, and I often become frustrated, and then frustrated that I am frustrated.  It is not something that I claim to have mastered.  But, I can say that I am better at it.  Now, I enjoy the moment.  I realize that things that used to pass slowly for me are simply pleasant.  A long day at work or an hour work out on the treadmill passes with ease.  I rarely get bored, and I have fewer bouts of nostalgia.  The benefits of being here and now are greater than I can list here, and it comes bliss.


Other musings about myself…

  1. This summer, I have rediscovered my absolute love for working with kids.  They always say, find the child within yourself, and I have met so many great, insightful children that I adore.
  2. Nothing beats a good breakfast.
  3. I want to run a race.
  4. I cannot wait to have my feet in the sand next week.
  5. If the opportunity presents itself, I would love to live somewhere different for a while.
  6. I am so thankful for pleasant, engaging humans.
  7. It’s a beautiful day again today, and even if it were raining it would still be beautiful, but I am going to enjoy it now.

A little inSPIRIT from my tea bag…



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