In the Flow

Sometimes when we just let go and let it happen, the things we need flow right to us.  We spend so much time worrying about having a job or making a meal or planning our day that we do not realize that we are resisting the general flow.  I have discovered that if I just release all negative thoughts toward a situation, somehow it always works out.

Yes, I know, easier said than done.  It takes practice, and even though time and time again I have had success with it, I still have to remind myself every time.

Last summer when I was preparing to finally return to school, I was applying for housing for the year.  As far as sign-ups go, I was late.  It was nearly August when I spoke with the housing admissions officer about where I wanted to live.  After taking a year off from school, I was worried about living on my own as a senior in a freshmen dorm down campus.  BU is ginormous, and at this point in the game I could have landed anywhere.

I gave the office my top three choices, but I never mentioned anything about three friends who were going to be in the building I used to live in and had a roommate they did not know.  I just hoped to be in the same vicinity.  The thought of living far away by myself consumed me for sometime, but my good friend Erica Rock reminded me to let go. 

So, I did.  Every time a negative thought about my housing situation came to mind, I quickly dismissed it and moved on, focusing on the moment.  Even when we were delayed a week because the housing office did not receive my correspondence, I let it go.  Something was telling me that it would all work out, and there was no reason to worry.

Some time in the middle of August, I was shopping with my brother, and I received an email from housing.  My assignment was posted.  I got really nervous and excited, and I called my mom to check my account.  She said I was in room 608.  I did not believe it.  I reached out to my friends, and they said, yes, that’s our room!  I was overjoyed to have some friends to live with as I made the daunting transition back to school.



You may or may not remember me talking about a subject similar to this in a previous post.  I was attempting to do a better job of being relaxed about my career and my life choices.  Well, I have been doing it, and I am feeling in the flow.  I have met or been connected with at least five people in the last week or so that either know people in Hawaii or are in the position to help me further my career.  This is what happens when you relax and let the powers that move do their stuff.  The right people and the right circumstances enter your life.  The other day I met a man who studied with Standard Process, and I could not resist laughing to myself when he told me, since I had just written that post.  Synchronicity is so much fricken fun.  Relax.  Breathe.  Life flows easily when you stop fighting upstream, and let the river take you down to the source.


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