The Wisdom of Our Elders

I received some excellent feedback from a reader yesterday about a post I wrote about channeling your inner athlete.  In the post I talked about repeating the mantra “I am bowling” while I was at a team event, and I wound up winning the entire thing.  Well, a reader and dear family friend told me yesterday that she now uses the mantra “I am golf” when she goes golfing now, and has had great success! I highly recommend using mantras like these and letting the energy take over.

We shared this discussion with this scenery…


Since I have been down here at White Horse, I have been doing the four-five mile loop around the pond.  Yesterday, I extended my walk so that I could meander by my aunt and uncle’s place because I wanted to see my aunt’s parents.  (They are not my grandparents by blood, but they mean just as much to me as if they were.)  My grandmother-in-law Kristen* recently suffered a stroke, but she is as courageous as ever and even in her advancing age, she remains steadfast in her resolve to get better and enjoy her family.  It made my day to see her face light up when I walked into the yard and said “Hello Beautiful!” A timeless woman.

I did not get to spend much time talking to her because her son needed to bring her into the house, but I stood with my grandfather-in-law Andrew* for a long period of time.  He told me about the trip up from Florida after Kristen’s stroke and the care she received.  All the while, I was overcome by the strength and stature of this man.  Even with the death of his son a few years back and sporadic periods of disappointment, he stands erectly with pride; he is likely one of my idols.  He told me stories of his climb from poverty to prosperity, and I listened intently as he shared how he was turned away from the army because of TB, how he turned every check he received over to his mother, and how he and three buddies started their undeniably successful manufacturing business with nothing but good hands and desire.  When I asked him his greatest accomplishment, despite all the material successes, he said his greatest one was his wife.  How refreshing it was for me to see a couple at their age indisputably and endlessly in love.

Despite trials and loss, Andrew reiterated an important lesson for me: though we do not always know what it is, and we may never know, everything unfolds in perfect order and has a perfectly planned purpose.  When my aunt Macy* was young, around age five, Andrew told me she was very sick with eczema.  It covered her body and she bled frequently from the itching.  At the time, mainstream medicine did not have an answer.  After much trouble, a doctor suggested they expose her to salt water.  The sea can have amazing healing effects, said the doctor, and Andrew and Kristen headed his advice.  The perfect ocean home presented itself to them, and they grasped the opportunity.  Maybe it was the salt of the ocean or the peace of the area, but in time, Aunt Macy healed.  They made Priscilla Beach, the one next to White Horse, part of their lives from that point forward.


When I told him about all of my ideas and how I am working on finding ways to materialize them, he stopped me in my tracks and reminded me, again, that it will all work out.  Everything has a reason.  For each step in his life, when he relaxed and let things flow, the path revealed itself.  He lived his life successfully this way, and no matter what the reason may be, I am grateful he is in mine.

*I have changed my relative’s names for their privacy.


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