A Life Alive and Aligned

I just had the best weekend I have had in a long time—I spent time at home and simply relaxed.  It was exactly what I needed: a house almost to myself and some extra space.  My brother turned eighteen so we hung out on the Boston waterfront, I had a friend come up from Boston to lounge by the pool, and I had an enlightening conversation with my friend T.

One mantra I live by: everything is unfolding in exactly the right order and exactly the right time.  It accelerates when we do not resist it and let it flow.  This weekend serves as a perfect example.

After T’s yoga class this morning and some cleaning time for me in the house, we planned on going to lunch together.  Originally, we wanted to go to Organic Gardens in Beverly, MA, but we were hungry and the distance did not seem feasible today.  Instead, we went to one of our favorites…Life Alive in Lowell, MA.  Best decision I’ve made in awhile.

Life Alive offers vegan options and makes adjustments willingly.  I am not a vegan, I whole-heartedly enjoy a piece of organic chicken or grass-fed beef, but I can appreciate an all-vegetarian meal every now and again.

We started lunch with some tasty drinks in glass jars, which made it ten times more fun.  I had a dandy blend…


T had a Jive Alive, made with cucumber, celery, lemon, ginger, and kale…


Then the main event.  I had two separate dishes, which I combined.  The total meal encompassed avocado, beets, carrots, kale, broccoli, winter squash with braggs (a new favorite add-in) and flax oil, sautéed mushrooms, sprouted legumes, a hard-boiled egg, seeds, and mixed greens.  Absolutely amazing…


T went for the Goddess, with carrots, beets, broccoli, dark greens, and tofu mixed with Ginger Nama Shoyu Sauce all over brown rice…


As we were rounding up our glorious meal and talking about all the other things we wanted to order, my long-lost, and very missed mentor and friend Holly walked through the door.  We were both caught up in how fricken awesome it was that we stumbled across each other in a town that was not our hometown after months of talking about hanging out.  Luckily, Holly sat with us, and we discussed yoga, healing, life, and everything in between.


Holly also graciously allowed me to snap some pictures of her meal…


And her juice, the Life Alive…


When we just relax and allow the flow, we are aligned with the perfect circumstances.  T and I changed our plans to go to Life Alive, and so did Holly, who was on her way to Maine.  Somehow, we wound up in the same place.  We shared information and made plans to walk next week.  So grateful to be in such inspiring company! And over perfect food.

This sign was next to the bathroom…



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