High Energy Demands

There is a lot of buzz around the fitness world about HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), which involves shorter periods of harder work and longer rest times, as compared to a traditional cardio workout.  To athletes, this is nothing new, and we have the results to prove it works.


At TOP Fitness, we have been training in the style to prepare athletes for their respective sports.  This summer, we have been mixing up our Energy System Development (ESD), and I have included some of our sprint workouts below.


60-Yard Shuttle (5yd-10yd-15yd)

  • Set up 4 cones or some other marker 5 yards apart so that the total distance is 15 yards.
  • Start at one end cone and use a watch
  • Sprint to the first cone, turn, and sprint back (5 yards)
  • Sprint to the second cone, turn, and sprint back (10 yards)
  • Sprint to the third cone, turn, and sprint back (15 yards)
  • This completes repetition 1
  • It usually takes about 15-20 seconds
  • Rest until the next full minute (so, if you begin at 0:00, after you finish the first repetition, begin the second one at 1:00, then 2:00, and so on)
  • We usually recommend 6-10 repetitions


30-Yard Jog-Backs

  • 2 cones should be set up 30 yards apart
  • As you start your watch sprint the 30 yards from one cone to the next
  • Give yourself 5 to 10 yards to decelerate
  • Turn and jog back to the first cone
  • When you get back to the first cone, sprint the 30 yards again
  • Repeat the pattern of sprint, decelerate, turn, jog, and then sprint again for 5 repetitions
  • Once you have completed 5 repetitions, rest for the amount of time it took you to complete the set (if it took you 1:40 to complete 5 repetitions, then rest for 1:40 before you go again)
  • We usually recommend doing 2-4 sets of 5 repetitions
  • It takes about 1:20-2:00 to complete a set of 5 repetitions


150-Yard Shuttle

  • Separate cones by 50 yards (using a football field can help)
  • As you start your watch, run from one cone to the next, back to the first cone, and then one more time to the far cone (you will finish opposite where you started; 1 repetition includes 3 lengths)
  • 1 repetition usually takes about 25-35 seconds
  • Rest time should be 60-90 seconds
  • Cones can also be separated at 25-, 30-, or 100-yard intervals

Doing shorter, high-intensity conditioning drills can be more challenging for your body and can break up a sometimes-boring cardio routine.  Play around and have some fun! I used to love getting a group together and doing some early morning sprints and then going out to breakfast.  Move.  And then eat.


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