Just Doing It

After nearly two years of ups and downs, doubts, reservations, and disappointments with regard to exercise, I am finally, blissfully, running.  Since October 6, 2010, this has been priority number one.  I started two weeks ago, Monday, with a humble 15 seconds, but when I hit the pavement today, it will be 6:20 at a heart rate of 136BPM (as part of a long speed walk).

My recovery has dealt with many unknowns as far as exercise goes.  Some neurologists say that raising the heart rate during post-concussive phase is detrimental and should be avoided, while others are finding that a little bit of exercise below pain threshold can help alleviate symptoms.  From my own experience, I have found the latter to be true.  For me, it’s all about listening to my body and giving it what it needs—not letting my ego get in the way.

In celebration of my recent success, I have included some of my favorite fitspiration in today’s post.


2 responses to “Just Doing It

  1. Wow, Mandy, fantastic! As I approach 60 and deal with more injury to knees and hips and lower back, my mantra is “start where you are; be thankful for today’s run.” Keep us posted.

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