11 Ways to Free Yourself from Clutter

I have about two and a half more weeks in beautiful Hawaii, and I am so focused on being present here.  Yesterday, I even swore off Facebook for the remainder of my trip (keep me honest).  However, one thing that I am truly looking forward to when I return home is emptying out my room and getting rid of the clutter I do not need anymore.  What’s on the outside reflects what’s on the inside.  I feel that I have not enjoyed my room as a refuge at all because it harbors so many emotions and stuff.  I do not need my old trophies, my Nancy Drew books, or my flapper costume that I am saving just in case I need a Halloween costume at some point in the distant future.  My plan is to bring in more wholesome colors and reminders of what I want in my life, what my goals are, and the attitude I want to exhibit day-in and day-out.  Many of these things can be seen on my vision board on Pinterest, which I plan on printing out.

For example:


In the meantime, I have amassed some ways to unclutter my life and your own, many of which were inspired by my mentor Dr. Wayne Dyer:

  1. Clear your calendar of things you do not really want to do.  Do not be afraid to say “No, thank you.”  I often find myself saying that I should really go here or meet with this person or that person, but ultimately, my time is precious.  You should not feel obligated to do anything.  Do only that which inspires you.
  2. If you have not worn it in a year, throw it out or give it away.
  3. Go through all the closets and drawers in your house, and give away the things you do not need anymore.  You may be surprised what’s in there.  Often, the next time you will see it is when you are cleaning again.  Thus, it goes away either in the trash or to Goodwill.  Really, how many cups and plates do we need?
  4. Clear your contact list.  I surprise myself sometimes when I look through my phone and see some of the old names, people who probably do not have me in their lists anymore.  Learn to love the delete button.
  5. Along that same spectrum, go through your computer, and delete all the old files you do not need anymore.  If you have not opened it in a year, get rid of it.  Love the trash can!
  6. Check areas you might not always think of – the garage, the basement, the shed, under the porch, attic, the junk drawer, under the front seat of the car, etc.  Take a weekend day and clean out what you want.
  7. Keep your free time free.  If it’s not, then you cannot call it free time, can you?
  8. Return to nature.  Spend as much time as you can exercising outside.  I like to walk outside every day.
  9. Return to you.  Whether that’s yoga, meditation, dinner outside, or just laying peacefully before you fall asleep.  Enjoy being within before you go out.
  10. Avoid debt as much as possible.
  11. Slow down.  This is something I need to work on, and being in Hawaii has shone a spotlight on this one.  Why are we always rushing around?  What’s the hurry?  By driving in the fast lane we are often looking in the rear-view mirror rather than enjoying who and what are along for the ride.

Clearing out the space around us makes more room to focus on that which inspires us and that which is most important.  Creativity flows best through an open channel!

Aloha, my friends.


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