List Making

When there was not much else I could do cognitively, I had a little black notebook that I would write lists in. I created a “to-do” list of all the things I wanted to do when I was healthy. Now I look back at that listen humorously because there are so many things that I do not care about much anymore. They provide me with insight into how much I have changed in the last two years. Priorities, desires, dreams have all transformed.


Guidelines of a calm lifestyle:

1. Drink Dandy Blend, herbal coffee

2. Paint, craft, or release artistically in some way

3. Listen to Wayne Dyer speak

4. Read MindBodyGreen

5. Meditate daily, even if it’s just one minute

6. Go outside

7. Segment at least an hour a day to something you love

8. Forgive

9. Make peace with your family

10. Walk around barefoot

11. Write down your goals & visions

12. Listen to music

13. Make homemade meals

14. Respect all life on Earth

15. Recognize the healing aspects of rainfall

16. Hug

17. Perform an act of kindness you will never receive credit for

18. Surround yourself with those who believe in your dreams

19. Be open to all opinions

20. Avoid the news

Things I have learned to love:

1. A nice long walk as my exercise

2. Waking up early

3. Vegetables, legumes, and lighter fare

4. Reading inspirational blogs

5. Avoiding the television pretty much altogether

6. Cinnamon, nutmeg, turmeric, oregano, and lots of other juicy spices

7. Sitting outside

8. Cold weather

9. Seeing children excel

10. A great old photograph


1. A warm blanket and hot fire

2. Friendships in odd places

3. Running into someone you really miss

4. When others say “thank you” and mean it

5. Color

6. An absolutely amazing fall

7. Being able to walk

8. Breaking old habits

9. Old friends new again, and friends of all ages

10. A book with a lesson on every page

Goals & visions:

1. Sprint with reckless abandon, confidently

2. Pick up the piano again

3. Write my story

4. Speak coherently, eloquently, and inspirationally

5. Invite abundance into my home and life

6. Make new like-minded friends

7. Reconnect with old friends

8. Recycle more

9. Practice my reiki

10. Cook a creative meal

11. Blog more consistently

12. Be open to changes

13. Simplify my lifestyle

14. Walk with confidence

15. Love unconditionally

What are your lists?



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