Today’s Sporadic Thoughts


Today woke me up to the fact that even though it might be in the high-30s outside, I can still grab a warm jacket, a good neighbor, and go for a walk out in the trails. Lovely.

Today, I believe that we can heal from anything, and we are all on the journey to discover this fact.

Today, I have decided to consciously spend less time on Facebook. Every time I feel the urge to check the book, I open my journal instead and I write. It has already opened me up to so many ideas that I did not realize were in me. If you clear out the clutter, you open space for the new and wonderful.

Today, I appreciate when friends reach out to me to tell me their good news. What an honor it is to be one of the people they share their good fortune with.

Today, I aim to blend athletics with spirit. Athletes talk about being “in the zone.” Well, we are all talking about the same thing. Being “in the zone” is the same thing as being totally present in the moment, acting instinctually without attachment or fear. Just a knowing from within what the next move is. The idea is in its infancy, but I plan to foster it.

Today, I face my fears. Even if it is something small. When the fear comes up, I examine it and ask for the lesson, but I let it go.

Today, I bring myself simple luxuries. A hot drink. A candle made with essential oils. A hot shower after time outside. Time in silence instead of masking my thoughts with loud music.

Today, I love friends of all ages.

Today, I read Louise Hay You Can Heal Your Life. A must-read for anyone on his or her healing journey.

And finally, today, I take further steps towards loving myself, freeing from guilt and shame, and being utterly grateful. I welcome courage, compassion, and companionship.



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