Sharing the Link Love

Yes, I am a self-diagnosed creature of habit. I love my routines, my workouts, my eats. Not that I am not into a spontaneous adventure. But on a typical day, you can pretty much set your watch to my existence. And I LOVE it.

Each weekday morning looks a little something like this:

5:35AM wake up

5:40 Morning Inspiration – Here I do whatever my body feels like doing to wake up that day. Sometimes it’s a body-weight circuit, a few sun salutations, or some savory moments in child’s pose.

6:15 Breakfast & Blogging – My favorite time of day. I make myself a hearty breakfast of a veggie egg scramble, and toast with tahini and banana. Trust me on that one.

There are usually a few posts each day that I will save on my bookmarks bar, and I have included them here. My recommended reading today:

  • Everybody talks about “being more positive,” “look at it more positively,” “find the silver lining.” Now, there is research being done that proves this works. Exhibit A.
  • This post changed my life. It says that all we are ultimately looking for as humans is love and affirmation. How many times have you walked by others and tried to dodge their glance and avoid the awkward “hello”? Why do we do this? Apparently it is because of our ingrained fear of rejection. Can’t be rejected if we don’t engage! It is something that has ate at me for a long time, and now, after reading this post, I attempt to make the first affirmative. When I see someone, just when he is about to put his head down to continue on, I offer a greeting. More often than not, he will respond pleasantly and become startled. Let’s start changing this.
  • Ayurvedic living is age-old wisdom (some 5,000 years) that deals with living seasonally. 5 Big Lessons from Ayurveda.
  • Leo Babauta writes a lovely blog that promotes living life more simply. It is apparent from his site, which is plain white and purposely kept free from advertisements. Here he talks about how to make a living with your passion. It can be done!
  • “Quinoa” is like a new buzz word. What is this odd-looking grain? Well, here are 12 great reasons to start consuming it.
  • You are amazing. Treat yourself well. 70 ways to add simple luxuries to your life.
  • Great post I read today on how to avoid genetically-modified foods (GMOs). Scientists are changing the composition of our foods in order to make more of them, help them grow faster, all at the expense of our bodies. There is little research on this yet because labeling GMOs is not profitable.

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