The Zone Part I: Opening to Yoga



This is part of a series on how athletics & spirit go hand in hand.

For a long time I knew that I loved the concepts and teachings of yoga, but every time I walked out of a yoga class, I never felt quite right. I left with a rib out of place, a sore neck, a headache, and other pains. With all the hype, I assumed that yoga would be my answer for healing. I repeatedly went back and expected something different (Einstein’s definition of insanity). Once again, I was looking outside of myself, and I wanted yoga to be my answer.

I was confused.

A few of my friends are yoga teachers, and one in particular was teaching a yoga class locally. She had a free pass, so I decided to give it another go. Walking was getting to be a bit boring, and my body was craving something different.

It was just myself and another young woman in the class–an intimate setting. The room was comfortable, but not hot, and we started the class with a verse from Patanjali. I settled in and became more present then I have ever been in a class. I was aware of my form; I felt myself completely in the room.

I left the class feeling amazing. I was inspired and alive. What was the difference? That it was different. I was trying to force myself to do the same type of yoga over and over again instead of listening to my body and opening up to something new. I focused on my form; I breathed.

The lesson from all this: listen to your body. I have been trying to fit mine into this mold that works perfectly with all of my plans, the “ideal being” that I aspire to be. Instead of just being. Now even if I just want to lay in savasana for a while, it’s still yoga, and it may be just what I need.



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