Things I am grateful for today:

1. Being able to enjoy food after being ill.

2. Friends of all ages.

3. Friends who reenter after a long absence.

4. Christmas morning.

5. When cashiers are friendly, like the folks down at Trader Joe’s.

6. When my brother with Autism, Craig, is so perfectly content. Often with a meal.


7. Christmas lights.

8. Maintaining composure in a tough situation.

9. Staying happy while all around are exhibiting signs of misery.

10. Deepak Chopra and his healing meditations.

11. Standing up for what you want.

12. Gadget-free evenings…turning off the cell phone and internet around 7:00 PM.

13. Inspiring messages. Like this one, from my friend Erica:

“Take Divinely Inspired Action

“Every action you take emits and radiates an energetic frequency into the world. 

When you move your body, that movement shifts the molecules within you and around you on a physical level. This energetic movement correlates to what you manifest or don’t manifest in your life. 

When you take actions from an OPEN, divinely inspired heart, you send out yummy, positive energy into the sphere of resonance and it magnetizes more of what you desire back to you. 

“I ONLY take Divinely GUIDED ACTION. If the idea or thought does not make my heart POP open and expand with GLEE, I do not do it.

 Ex: I don’t offer a class unless urged from within to do so and it must make my heart pop and get excited…….and the class always fills and it’s awesome.

“Living this way, everyday……CONSISTENTLY is POWERFUL beyond comprehension. Living this way creates a snow ball effect of manifesting energy and it quickly turns into the radical abundance you so desire on every level of your life.

“Throughout the day today, tune into your heart and explore what it is really excited and inspired to do! Start with that first action step that inspires you, and then go from there. 

Before you know it there will be an inspired momentum of energy born that sort of moves you through life where everything you touch seems to turn to gold.”

14. Having the right person show up at the exact right time.

15. Opening up a stocking to find some amazing magazines.

16. Finding a check you forgot you had. Or a quarter on the ground.

17. When you pull up to the meter and there’s money in it already.

18. The smell of sandalwood, rose extract, and spring.

19. Sun salutations in the morning.

20. Deliciously warm avocado.

21. Realizing that worry, stress, and guilt are all wasted emotions. And then forgetting it, and realizing it once more.

22. Being in a seasonal environment, where we truly learn to appreciate our summers.

23. Walking.

24. Love, life, and utter beauty.




2 responses to “Gratitude

  1. Mandy…it was great to see you Christmas Eve…#21 are all emotions that nobody needs in their life…thanks for the reminder. Happy 2013!

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