Forgiveness, Gratitude, Love


Practice these three things and your life will be rocked.


There’s a super brilliant quote someone said somewhere that goes something like Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Sounds like something Shakespeare would say. Fair enough. By holding a grudge and remaining angry, we are giving the other person our power. We are choosing to be miserable and waiting for some ominous apology that we may never receive. Drop it. Make sure you stand up for yourself and explain that you have been wronged, but then drop it. People who are in deep pain will never be able to apologize until they can release that pain. That is their stuff, not yours. Do not give away your power!

Sometimes if I feel I have been wronged by others, I will picture them in my mind and tell them that I forgive them. This practice is freeing. Unconventional, yet freeing. Also you can write them a letter telling them exactly how you feel (this is what the drafts folder is for) and never send it. Forgiveness is mutually selfish and altruistic, and both are perfect. But most importantly, live your life as you want to live it, not by blaming someone else for your misfortunes. Take control! Forgive.


Where we put our focus tends to expand. This concept is the crux of this post today. I had a client come to me with an idea, and we are going to do it together. As of two days ago, she and I have cracked open some fresh, crisp journals to write down what we are grateful for. Each day we are going to put at least one thing, it could be one word. I intend to create more of what I appreciate! We are constantly bombarded with the challenges in our lives that it is so important to remember all the good.


I want to be more giving. I am more open. Loving freely.


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