Words that Move Me


“Some people claim there is no life after death,” said a disciple.

“Do they?” said the Master, noncommittally.

“Wouldn’t it be awful to die – and never again see or hear or love or move?”

“You find that awful?” said the Master. “But that’s how most people are even before they die.”

– One Minute Nonsense, Anthony de Meito, S.J.


Nature is the supreme cradle of life, and must be protected and treated with the highest respect and care. – Bryant McGill


If you increase the positive energy in someone, they become incredibly more alive. – Deepak Chopra


Be here now and realize there is no where else you ever need to be. – Martha Beck


A single footstep

will not make a path on the earth,

a single thought

will not make a pathway in the mind,

To make a deep physical path,

we walk the path again and again.

To make a deep mental path,

we must think over and over

the kind of thougts we wish 

to dominate our lives…



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