A Passionate Insomniac

What makes you a light sender? That question was posed to me as part of a short essay contest, and I had one of those moments where I started writing and seemingly my fingertips took over without my mind’s guidance. When blogging, this comes in waves. My favorite posts often come from this place of surrender and ease, while I often take breaks when I cannot seem to find said space. Welcome to the zone.

So, what makes you a light sender?

A Passionate Insomniac

I have this saying stuck in my head, and I am not even sure if I came up with it myself or I heard it somewhere subconsciously and have been replaying it repeatedly since. When I share it with others, it ignites a light inside them that raises their vibration and immediately lifts the temperament of the space we stand. Words have the power to do that, but mostly because of the energy behind them. The light.

Your passion is not what you do during the day; it’s what keeps you up at night.

Sending light could mean many things. For instance, I work with athletes of all ages. I attempt to ignite the fire within them to achieve their highest level of performance. I work with an Autistic child and slowly guide him to lift the heavy blinds that rest over his vibrant light. I channel reiki energy to clients, and I work towards shining bright light on the misunderstood condition of Post-Concussive Syndrome. Sure, I am sending light.

However brilliant the light of the aforementioned, it strongly contrasts the light of the following. Speaking with a friend, an acquaintance, or even a stranger—conversation can hit a lull. But no matter who it is, there is always a constant. Passion. The dazzling exhibition of passion.

“What do you love? What is your passion? What keeps you up at night?”

Whenever I ask these questions, the light is so bright, it nearly knocks me through the ground—I have learned to brace myself. Asking someone about what they love can make a shining star out of the most disinterested conversationalist. Body language shifts to relax and open; words become fluid and bold; the eyes glitter.

The profound gift of sending light lies not simply in the work one does, but in the work one inspires others to do. The fire must first be lit; the shades lifted; the switch turned on. A simple reminder of what one already knows to be true. What is your passion? Light sent, light received, and light shared.


One response to “A Passionate Insomniac

  1. Love this one Mandy!! Such a wonderful outlook on life and so very true! I think that so many people can relate to this, and you have put it so eloquently!

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