For My New Tribe: Connection


We’ve all witnessed them. Connections. Teams that work seamlessly together, effortlessly. Moments where the right person shows up at exactly the time you needed him. The birds flying in perfect sequence on the horizon. How can we say these things are simply chance? Coincidence?

There is something more. I feel it, and I believe it. Hell, I’ve witnessed it one time after another. As an athlete, I’ve been in moments of pure instinct when the ball fell right into my stick or my feet moved without my brain interfering. When a thought comes to mind and my companion voices it. My driving hands act intuitively when faced with black ice. Where does this come from?

This space of connection showed up most profoundly this past weekend at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. A group of thirty-seven-some-odd people, mostly women and mostly strangers, gathered to listen to the words and practice the movements of a Jennifer Pastiloff, writer. From its commencement, the floor was damp. We introduced ourselves, and the traumas of the past and hopes for the moment flowed onto the floor like a fudgsicle (yum) in 90-degree heat. The question that hung ominously over the human circle: “Why do we feel so open? What is it about this group?”

Chance? Hardly. This group was meant to find each other. The connections that were made, friendships created, serendipitous encounters that just could not be explained were the result of some divine interference. We felt it, and we moved with it.

In less than 48 hours, and probably 10 hours maximum of time spent together, we created a bond that crosses space and time and continues to web out from that place we first revealed ourselves. Now, we have a tribe that is rooting for our best, unconditionally. We left that way on Sunday, and as time passes, the honeymoon stage may wane, or it may not—and I pray for the latter—but we will always hold it with us.

I cherish that time I spent at Kripalu with my new tribe, a group of remarkable beings who came together so briefly in order to manifest miracles. Each person from that room is creating something spectacular. I would share, but those messages are kept in that chamber, the annex, and as for the miracles, I promise you will know them.

Next time you feel compelled to share, next time you have a gut instinct that there is something important about someone you are with, do not hold back. She may be there to teach you or he may be there to hold your hand through life.

Don’t let go.



13 responses to “For My New Tribe: Connection

  1. It was so beautiful Mandy!
    You are a gifted writer!!
    I love your writing style!
    Keep practicing the freedom of expression and love Sis!

  2. You are wise beyond your years Miss Mandy and I am blessed to have met you!! You will journey far in this life, this I just know. Your drive, your passion for your cause and that beautiful personality you are blessed with will enable all of your dreams to come true…go for it girl, do your thing!! You will go far!!!

  3. You captured it all so perfectly, thank you! I feel blessed to have been a part of the group, we were meant to be there. All the best!

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