Cheers to Love

Things I am loving lately…

1. Thursdays. I love Thursdays. I find that I relax the most on this special evening in anticipation of the weekend.

2. Anita Moorjani


I heard about this fabulous woman two weekends ago at my Kripalu workshop, but I just last night listened to an interview she had on a show from the Philippines. Moorjani had Stage 4B lymphoma, tumors the size of tennis balls, and had withered away to a mere eighty pounds. After 30 hours, she miraculously came out of the coma and within days her tumors had shrunk by 70%. In this interview she talks about the experience of being in a coma and what sparked her unbelievable recovery. And that was…self-love. Yup. But really though, she said that in her coma she had an awakening: to this point, she had acted in order to please others and never from a place of loving herself. She believes that she had let this weigh her down for so long that it had created a life-altering disease in her. Once she changed her mind, she healed. It is been almost seven years, and she has remained cancer-free.

Anita’s book


3. Happiness Project: One-Sentence Journal

A friend gave me this little gem for my birthday, and I love writing in it and reading the quotes for each day. They all relate to some sort of means to happiness, which I love. The idea of the book is to write in one sentence each day for five years, and then you have a wonderful record of 5 years of your life. It was perfect for me because I often have trouble keeping up a journal, but one sentence a day is manageable, even if it’s one word.


4. Blooming Lotus Jewelry

At my Kripalu retreat, I was lucky enough to meet the owner of Blooming Lotus Jewelry, a divine online store for yoga-inspired jewels. I skimmed around for some time, pondering my choice and happened across the items sold that offer 50% of proceeds to Autism Speaks. Then it became which Autism Speaks piece to buy? I opted for this blue number with “Craig” on the charm:


5. T-Tapp

T-Tapp is this funny little work out DVD that I thought was so silly at first, but it has really changed the way I view work outs and fitness. Most of the exercises are done without weights and incorporate engaging the muscles constantly to use the strength of the muscles themselves to tone. I am a follower of Teresa Tapp now, and I have even been integrating into the classes that I teach.


6. The Primal Blueprint

7. Yoga…Redefined

I just recently met Dena at Yoga…Redefined, and she is one inspiring being. Having been through her own bout with some serious physical trauma, as seen on her “About” page if you so choose to view, she has a powerful perspective on the healing ability of yoga. I look forward to working with her.

8. Pistachios, cauliflower, & curry. Not all mixed together, but I am loving them all. Sometimes mixed together. Not always.

With much love on this Valentine’s Day, xo.


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