Much to be excited about around here.

First, my vision is starting to materialize. Here’s the new look for Clean Calm Conditioned, site upgrade to follow.


I am now Reiki 2 certified and am offering sessions now to continue to fine tune my skills.

I applied for a Holistic Healing Practitioner program, and I am so excited to get started on my studies! Now I will be able to give more guidance on nutrition and healthy lifestyles. This, to me, will not feel like school.

If all goes well, I will be attending a well-respected massage therapy program this fall. This will broaden my healing base and also allow me to become a licensed medical practitioner in NH and MA. Thus, I will be able to help more people.

Head injury. 

I went to see a traditional doctor the other day to just get a check in. Remind me to make sure my office looks nothing like a doctor’s office. I had not seen her since before my injury, and I filled her in. “Wow. Post-Concussive Syndrome. That’s nasty stuff,” she said. That hit me. I have been downplaying this condition a bit, especially since I have friends who have been through other traumatic experiences—like Stage IV melanoma, Stage IV colon cancer, confusing leg tumors, brain hemorrhage, and malignant brain tumors. But my doctor is right, PCS is remarkably misunderstood and troubling.

I am working with a doctor of neuropsychiatry to put together a “protocol” for recovery from TBI through yoga, mindfulness, and other non-traditional forms of healing. Another serendipitous encounter. Additionally, I have been speaking with people from all over who are suffering from their own head injuries. Some have Post-Concussive Syndrome as a result of a sports injury. Others have been knocked around in other life-challenging ways. One amazing woman has been in nine car accidents. These people humble me. They are reaching out, and they seem to find my words soothing.

When I write these things, the chills go up and down from my shoulders to my ankles. I need to help these people. I want to help these people.

All of these pieces are coming together so that I can offer the best care and guidance to people who just want to feel better, whether it be as the result of a condition or life.


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