When I Cooked for Bill [& Patrick]

Bill & Patrick, two spunky bachelors from just outside Boston, have arranged a deal. Bill needed food. Pat cooked food. Bill had cash (before he bought a timeshare). Patrick had a car. And that’s the simple recipe it took to whip together the masterpiece that is Cooking for Bill. Bill buys the food, and Patrick cooks it.

“Most of the time I think what you eat looks disgusting. That was actually pretty good.” –Bill, when I cooked for Bill.

Bill waits like a boy half his size for his meal..


After Pat had nearly run himself to the ground, cooking for the 6’5” monster who demands meals each night, I offered to chip in while Pat nursed the blisters on his cutting fingers…

To see more about our wholesome meal, check out Cooking for Bill.

Family Dinner



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