Where Does Fear Keep You From Flying?

As part of a Holistic Healing Practitioner program I am participating in now, we are required to read a book written by Dr. Joe Dispenza called Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind. Personally, I love when the educational books I am reading keep me up at night engrossed in their pages. Though Dr. Joe tells many enchanting stories of his own miraculous healing as well as many other scientifically inexplicable, spontaneous healings, a simple story he told at the beginning of one chapter stuck with me.

From Chapter Two, “On the Back of a Giant”:

[S]uppose that, as a kid, you had a fear of heights. You and your friends went on a camping trip, and near your campsite was a lake with a rocky outcropping at its edge. Everyone else was having a great time jumping and diving off the bluff into the water. You were content to swim around, enjoying the water’s cooling effects, until someone–likely one of your older friends or siblings–had to point out to everyone that you were the only one to not take the leap of faith. Even the youngest kid on the trip had taken the plunge. Eventually, goaded on by their teasing to escape the constant splashing of water in your face, you climbed out of the water and made your shivering way up onto the outcropping.

The sun burning your shoulders, the wind chilling your skin into goose flesh, you stood blinking past the water dripping off your hair. All the while, your mind was racing, telling you, “No way.” Your teeth alternately chattering and grinding against one another, you took a tentative step back from the edge. The hooting and catcalls intensified. You looked down and the chief tormenter had turned into your cheerleader, his “C’mon” no longer a taunt but a mantra. Fueled by a jolt of adrenaline that quivered your bladder and buckled your knees, you staggered out and away from the edge and into space. 

You came up sputtering, and then whooped in triumph, knowing that something fundamental had changed inside you. All the doubts, fears, and uncertainties were left behind. There were back there on the flat rock, rapidly evaporating like your footprints. All the imagined horrors had dissipated, leaving a new, more positive reality in their place.

I use this somewhat commonplace example on purpose. Literally and metaphorically, many people are crippled by something that prevents them from reaching the heights of their existence, something that keeps them from experiencing the freedom and exhilaration of a life unencumbered by fear or doubt.

Where is fear holding you back? I know for me I have experienced my own fear with my personal business. I took a huge leap of faith and decided not to apply for a “typical” job out of college–one with a 9-5 timetable, a desk, and benefits. Instead, I decided that I was going to pursue my dream and my passions. Now, I often see myself as having five jobs, but I can honestly say that I enjoy every minute, and I am already seeing it grow. I am practicing reiki, coaching amazing young women, speaking in front of groups of kids, learning about healing, and allowing my own body to come back to balance. Fear creeps in from time to time, telling me, “You need to get a job to get benefits” or “You cannot live this way forever, it’s going to catch up to you.” Hey, fear, What the heck do you know? Most of the time, I have this utterly profound knowing that I am on the perfect path, and each day, without fail, I am witnessing it unfolding beautifully.


4 responses to “Where Does Fear Keep You From Flying?

  1. Mandy, I’m still awestruck that you’re only 24. You are so incredibly centered and wise. Keep pursuing your dreams. Keep writing ( you’re a really good writer). I cannot wait to see where life takes you.

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