Why Not You?

Sure, we all have dreams and desires. And sometimes those dreams are simply to figure out what our dreams are.

What is it that separates those who dream from those who fulfill their dreams? I have seen common themes. One of which is purely the belief that I can.

This year, I am embarking on a new journey–coaching high school lacrosse. At this point, I am now on my second week, and I cannot express how utterly impressed and inspired I am by this small, but mighty group of young women. Today at our first Varsity practice, I posed a challenge to the girls. They each brought a blank notebook, and like I once did in a retreat held by Jennifer Pastiloff, I fed them a prompt. The prompt may have been something like “I am…” or “If I weren’t afraid I would…” Then, I gave them some time to finish their thoughts, and we shared.

Once I gave them the challenge, these young women stepped up. They stepped up big time. I could see it in the extra moisture gathering around their eyes and feel it in the movement of the air. Personally, I was floored. When I prompted “If I had no limits, I would…”, one wide-eyed freshman shared with the group:

“If I had no limits…limits?

What are limits?

Aren’t they just in our heads?

Or are they really there…the only limits are the ones you set yourself, therefore set the limit high…I mean there are footprints on the moon, right?

I’m sure that seemed impossible once…right?”

A testament to the notion that wisdom shows no age nor boundary.

My central message to the girls today: “Why not us?”; “Why not you?”; “Why can’t you achieve all that you ever wished to be, and more?” We get so used to making excuses and explaining away why we don’t have all of our desires in this moment. I would love to flip this. Instead of thinking of all these reasons why we will never have what we want…what if we decided: I am going to do it, and here’s why…here’s the endless list of reasons and excuses why I am going to be remarkable.

I guess, if that were the case, I really would not know the answer. Because like I am now learning, there is no limit to the possibilities.


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