I Am Value

This past weekend I spent some time with one of my favorite teachers learning her masterful ways. We spent some time in a state known as “presence”, or what athletes call “the zone.” It is a state of a clear mind, free of thoughts, where we act instinctively. Sound crazy and impossible? I used to think so, too. We’ve all been there, we just have never had a name for it before.

Deep in this state of presence, essentially a meditation, my teacher asked us to think about a limiting belief we hold on to, meaning something that we repeat unconsciously that keeps us from moving forward in one way or another. I let that spin around for a little while, and one that resonated with me was the notion that “money is value.” I sat with that, and it felt unpleasant (that’s how you know it’s the mind’s lie). All of these thoughts surrounded that belief. Things about success and business. What if nobody likes me? What if nobody comes? What will I do if I don’t make any money? What if I fail?

Then, a little voice inside me, a small, yet might voice said: “No, no sweetheart. That’s not true. You are value.”

I cannot deny that I may have welled up at this point. The best I feel is when I am doing something for others or when I am in one of those moments that seem to transcend space and time–on a beach in Hawaii at sunset, on a boat with friends laughing, listening to the sounds of a summer evening. None of this is money, but it nevertheless has immeasurable value.

Then not too long after I came out of the meditation, I checked my phone (how modern), and saw that a friend and former teammate had mentioned me in a tweet. Curious, I looked at it. The link attached could not have been more perfect:

Be the Light

I write this not in a boastful way, but to show that yes, I am value. I have helped this friend more than I could have known. But you know what? So are you. You are value and love and peace and kindness and joy and whatever you want to be. Success! Fun! Laughter! Abundance!

So yes, we are value. And it’s got nothin’ to do with money.


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