An [im]Promptu Assignment

I spend much of my time around my lacrosse team these days, and they inspired me more  than the inspiration I can come up with on my own–I hope they don’t mind that I use them as the subjects of my posts from time to time.

Last week, I assigned the group “homework” where they had to finish a few prompts that I sent out via email. The responses were remarkable, as I knew they would be, and I figured it is only fair that I return the favor. So I have taken the time to fill out those prompts myself.

I feel at my best on the field when…I catch a pass against the odds. I outrun my opponent. I finish a double team with a teammate and get the caused turnover. Intercepting the ball. Feeling like I am in the shape of my life. Collecting a draw control with one hand.

I like when my coach…gives an inspiring pregame talk. When she recognizes something I did well or has faith in my ability to perform. Is happy.

My pregame rituals are…repeating lines from the movie Miracle with JMar. Barking like a dog to Traci. Rachel pulling me back. “Ready girl? Ready girl.” Making the perfect messy braid. Applying eye-black. Listening to “Remember the Name” on repeat while reading my scouting report. Squinting at Dalt. SPDU with Catie (still, no one knows).

I get fired up when…my team wins in overtime. A teammate makes an incredible play. Someone younger than me does something she learned. Celebrating the little things.

I am grateful for…the amazing people in my life. My mentors, teachers, peers, and students. The ability to walk, breathe, experience nature, and be part of something bigger than myself alone. Friends as family and family as friends.

I could not live without…love. A great hug. Kind people, laughter, oceans, mountains to hike. Knowing there are beautiful places left to be experienced. Gorgeous, organic fresh produce.

The moment I felt most proud was…recently, watching the girls I have coached bonding and strongly affecting the lives of girls much younger than them. At our Girls, Inc. event, my players came in and brought love to some vulnerable young girls. Now, many of them want to play lacrosse. I am proud to be part of something life-changing.


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