Own Your Crazy

So I have this friend. He’s one of those guys that you just want to be around—and I say that apprehensively as his head already competes with an oversize yoga ball.  In all seriousness, I have been thinking about this friend for some time in how we can collaborate in business, and now we are finding our common ground: laughter. Look out for our future collaborations on health and comedy.

Check out Bill here for learning soft skills through comedy.

Last year Bill and I started to reconnect after years of college unintentionally separated by fraternity responsibilities and collegiate athletic commitments. When I was going through my own personal transition back to school after spending a year away with my injury, he brought me along to his improv shows. I was lost without athletics, and Bill introduced me to a new hobby. Comedy. Though the scenes may be lost on me now, the pains in my stomach from the fits of laughter hang with me, and their healing effect is ongoing. I realize that attending those shows proved to be one hell of a healing art.

Yes, Bill showed me that there is more to recovery than medicine and nutrition. Even meditation. Sometimes you need to simply get lost in the absurdity of a performance.

With that in mind, I will be attending my first IMPROV COMEDY class this summer. If there were a definition for vulnerability my friends, that would be it.

On our trip to New York this weekend, I was discussing all the things that make me me. And though I consider myself someone who wears her heart on her sleeve, I admit that I feel insecure from time to time.

So, you know what else William said? Bless him. I believe this is a tweetable. He said…simply, “You have to own your crazy.”

Boom, William. Boom.

Bill is someone who has dealt with his fair share of challenges, but based on his lifestyle you would never believe it. He has a personal minor mental illness and was raised by a parent who struggles with similar issues. At times, there is a stigma around this. But I am proud of Bill because above all else and without apology, he owns it. He earned a full scholarship to college. He makes people laugh for fun and for a living. He writes books and speaks in front of crowds. He makes outrageous investments that somehow end up working out. When I think of game-changers, I think of Bill.

Personally, I took this notion to heart: I have to own my crazy. I am crazy. Yes, I prefer to eat only organic. I would rather drink a green juice than a mojito. I like to stay in for dinner over going out because I don’t always trust the restaurants. I’d rather go for a walk than watch TV. No, I don’t drink. Yes, I am clean. I avoid tap water. You wont find me in a chlorinated pool. I believe that we come from some great, powerful, creative source—whether you call it God or not. I believe that there are moments of incredible inspiration that come through us, but are not created by us. Gratitude, love, generosity, kindness all can heal. No, I am not going to a corporate job, I am going to own my truth and make it amazing.  I am admittedly, 100%, out-of-the-park crazy. And yes, I love me. A lot.

And you know what I say? The crazy ones change the world.


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