Athletic Solutions: Personal Coaching

What you can expect during and after working with me:

  • A conditioning schedule for your sport
  • Guidance in your own workout schedule
  • Nutrition plan that will help you achieve your fitness goals
  • Increased confidence in your ability
  • Mental clarity & focus when you are participating
  • Creative tools to use when you are feeling stressed and anxious
  • Constant personal coaching and support

Why I do this:

My goal is to assist you in the pursuit of all your athletic and personal goals. I have found through working with athletes over the last 6 years, there is an alarming trend. Athletes tend to be either underfed or malnourished, over trained or undertrained, anxious and stressed. I have witnessed an imbalance.

In my own athletic career, I recognized early the importance of training. Throughout high school, I made sure to do some sort of conditioning five to six days a week. However, entering my freshman year of college playing lacrosse at Boston University, though I felt in-shape, I knew there was another level I could achieve.

In retrospect, I now realize I only utilized one piece of a three-part puzzle. There is no question, a well-designed training regimen is a must. But there are two other oft-forgotten parts—a clean diet and a calm mind. Throughout my collegiate career, each summer my diet improved more to the point where I entered college with a 6:15 timed mile to reach a 5:45 by my junior year. I went from 1 consecutive chin-up as a freshman to 12 by the time I ended my career. The most amazing notion—I was training less frequently (but smarter), eating better, and making huge physical gains.

Then there is the power of the mind. I did not realize the importance of the mind until after my career was over, and now I am adamant about guiding other athletes. Where we put our thoughts and our attention has been proven repeatedly to affect the outcome of our endeavors. In my lacrosse career, I remember having high anxiety. I was concerned about the thoughts of my coaches and teammates, the exams I had to study for, the travel times, being prepared for games, missing classes…the list goes on. I recognize now that if I had the tools I have today, I would have been composed and able to approach each athletic endeavor fully in the moment, which is where we play our best.

What we do:

With all that said, I am working with athletes to design a conditioning program, discuss a meal plan, and most importantly implement mental systems. I have studied techniques for quieting the mind and breaking through barriers to achieve our goals. Essentially, I have discovered how to willingly and consciously enter what athletes call “the zone.” In a session with me, you will:

  • Perform high-intensity circuit training.
  • Create nutrition guides and food journals.
  • Spend time journaling, visualizing, discussing, meditating, drawing, and doing other calming techniques.
  • Clear through mental noise, we focus on the end goal and all the other pieces fall into place—entering “the zone.”
  • Learn how to be fully engaged and present in your sport or career.

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