Through working with young women and being one myself not too long ago, I have become aware of a chronic problem–lack of self-love. Now the cool thing to do is tweet, blog, post on Facebook messages that reinforce that self-loathing. It is not often that we see young women saying, “I am amazing,” “I am unique, as we are all, and I value my talents,” or “I love myself and I am loved.” To talk down, to self-criticize, and to judge are all the accepted things to do. If we speak up about our own accomplishments, we fear being considered cocky or conceited. So we choose the other extreme.

Now, I do not suggest that we go around tweeting our every achievement, but I do believe there is a certain innate pride and love that we are missing. So we see these young women look in the mirror and criticize what they see. Too fat, too short, too light, too many freckles, too many pimples…the list goes on. Then, they seek the means to change these perceptions, all the while not realizing the crux of the issue–lack of self-love.

This is where I come in. I have been able to make the connection between self-love and making healthy decisions. See, we have it all wrong. We think that “When I am thinner, I will be happy,” or “Once my skin clears up, I will love myself.” No, no my friends. Love yourself first. Then you will have all you need to heal your ailments.

A Workshop with Me Includes:

  • Methods: journaling and self-reflection
  • Meditation
  • Post-Concussion Syndrome and Healing
  • Weight loss
  • Tools to healthy conditioning, nutrition, and well-being for athletes of all ages
  • Alternative forms of healing: meditation, acupuncture, positive thinking, belief, nutrition, and more
  • The power of being present: presence is essentially what athletes call “the zone”
  • The mind: use your mind to your advantage, and you are unstoppable
  • Affirmations: put your attention in your dreams and desires
  • Exercises for implementing a calm lifestyle

If you would like to discuss the opportunity of having me come speak to your team, company, or other group, please feel free to contact me:

The key to making drastic changes is deciding that being well and feeling good is more important than anything else. Join me on the journey.


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